Pingpong and Airhockey Podcast

Do you know you can keep track of scores of either ping pong or air hockey game from the comfort of your home? Thanks to digital technology through the innovation of podcasts. You can even watch how a player manages a strong grip on the paddle when playing real time from the internet. This was a dream in the old days. Podcasts are informative digital tools that provide information and educative audiovisual content over the internet. The internet is the best technology in the contemporary society, apart from the communication platform; it makes the world a global village. If you missed an international ping pong match or an air hockey match due to the differences in time zones or a power blackout; then you no need to worry. Podcasts are available, they will record the matches and upload in different sites on the internet for you to download and store in your devices for you to listen and watch at your liberty.

You want to know the history and the milestones in table tennis and hockey without reading books which may not even give you the content you need, then podcasts are the best option. The audio content is a storytelling activity in an audiovisual form.

You are a beginner in air hockey or ping pong. You want to learn the rules and inspirational quotes to enhance your skills in the two games. Podcasts give you a series just like a book. The main advantage it has a visual content delivery when the narrator tells you what a paddle, you get a pictorial figure of a paddle, it improves your understanding of the game.

You have control to decide on when you want to listen to the podcast, you can rewind, fast forward, basically, you have the power to choose when and what to listen to as far as the games are concerned. As opposed to a radio how which you are compelled to listen to it, only when the show is being hosted.

Entrepreneurs in air hockey and table tennis admits an increase in profits since they are able to popularize the game and create awareness of the game even in far continents, the moment someone understands the benefits of the game, especially ping pong which helps to enhance your brain development; who hates to improve his mental health. There will be increase sales of ping pong equipment and various events and festivals increase growth among the service providers.

The success of ping pong and Air hockey is determined by the integration of creative art in the game. Podcasts are the foundation of the development of artistic skills for it make your mind to think widely. Instead of spending several hours on social media, improve your listening skills as you get inspired to start a healthy life to play ping pong or air hockey.

A simple commitment to listening to podcast series on the two games leads to a change in lifestyle which further improves the way you balance your work for you to have a quality life.

Why use podcast to explain routers?

Information is power, a developer who has designed a new woodworking tool – router – to aid in carpentry work needs customers to use the tool and appreciate his work. How will a woodworker in the African continent get to know the existence of his modern tool to aid in grooving of joints instead of doing it manually, which in most cases produces rough joints? This is possible, thanks to the digital technology.

Various digital solutions come in handy to help in dissemination of information. Some of the tools include messaging services, social media platforms, marketing automation, and podcasts. Podcasts are audiovisual applications, which allow you to record your voice on the use of the router for easy uptake. It is a radio over the internet. The internet has a vast of information on solutions to assist in creating awareness about the router. The recording has unlimited duration. You are not limited on airtime like the radio which you have to pay per second. With podcasts, you are at liberty to record series such that you can create an audio book to give all the details about a router.

A beginner in woodwork benefits from the content since it provides the step-by-step procedure in the acquisition, assemblage and the use of a router in woodwork. You can have case studies and real life testimonies in the operations of a router.

Why use a podcast to explain routers?

The power of authority

You have the power to dictate and impact knowledge to a listener compared to when they read the same content. You have the authority and be sure of uptake of the router among woodworkers as long as you use the right and simple language as well as have a clear voice in explanations.


The podcasts are downloaded on to storage device of your choice. They are compatible with most common file names and extensions as well as operating systems of most electronic devices. Unlike a radio show where you cannot rewind or forward a podcast gives you this option. You can always listen to it at your own time and discretion. In case a listener has not understood he can repast and pause as he uses the router practically.

Simple and efficient

Even a beginner in using a computer can record a podcast. All you need is a microphone, a computer and a reliable internet to upload it on the website.

Develop a renowned brand

Remember you are not just recording a single audio file, instead, you are recording a series in a router and all the details you may want the audience to know. Just like a book, you have chapters which are coherent. This makes you build a brand name in routers since the audience tend o have a strong connection between you and routers.

Podcasts are woodworkers’ top option in getting information on routers. In addition, the downloadable function adds value to the podcasts. This feature lets you or them an upper hand among other audio tools available both online and offline. You can carry the storage device and enjoy the educative content when traveling instead of playing a video game.

How to create a podcast accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts 

The inclusion of visual and audio solutions is incorporated in the digital technology. A podcast is a modern form of radio and television but via the internet. You have the freedom to choose the content to inform your target audience. The motorcycle is a diverse niche and your audience should guide you on the starting point such that you have a flow of the podcast series.

Scholars call it a book in an audio form. You may want your audience to be educated on the acquisition of a motorcycle, licensing and regulation, safety measures, motorcycle clothing- off the road riding shoes and international competitions in that order. This ignites the cognitive growth of your listeners such that they have comprehensive information on motorcycling. You become their teacher at all costs. Remember, you have to be factual and relevant to the state so that you do not misguide your listeners.

Just like radio, you are trusted with the information, as well as the information has a permanent mark on the internet and the mind of the listeners. Use software compatible with major operating systems to avoid disappointments when transferring to an iPod.

How will people know about your podcast series?

Yes, you have the information. The question now is how to reach your target audience? This is an uphill task when you use manual marketing tools but with the internet and unlimited marketing automation toolkit, you have varied options. Ensure you use the features of the marketing automation software to increase your database tailor your Email campaigns to increase the subscriptions.

Social media tools come in handy to provide a marketing platform. However, customize your search to send a link to your podcasts to social media pages with interest in motorcycles, otherwise, it will an exercise in futility.

Podcasts in a visual form of content marketing; with the right use of the keywords, it makes the search engines on web platforms to rank it among the top most podcasts in motorcycle industry giving it an increase in listening. This makes it renowned in the niche and enhances subscription- the best strategy in increasing your market share. Relevant companies in the motorcycle business will want to have a link on the site as a marketing tool for their products and services.

Email marketing come in handy o increase the web presence of motorcycle podcasts. You can opt for various Email campaigns and monitor their effectiveness in giving you results through subscriptions. This markets the content of the podcasts to the digital market.

Never assume the power of internet marketing, the referral program when used wisely has a great impact in increasing subscription just like social media. All you need is to have a link to the podcast through a reward scheme. An enticing headline and a practical reward will make viewers spend some seconds to read the Email and further listen to the podcasts.

Not everyone is a motorcycle enthusiast, a catchy headline and the content of the podcast can have a change in mindset to maintain your loyal subscribers as well as add subscribers to your podcast database.



The power of books and podcasts about shower rooms

Information is power. Whatever the source of information the content is the most relevant parameter. You need to have a relaxing tub in your shower room. Click here to pick this brand highly recommended by fellow homeowners.

When you need to make a choice on the best shower head for your home, then you need to get books with information about the tricks, tips, and factors to consider before you make a purchase. Podcasts, on the other hand, are books in an audio form. They use the internet to ensure there is an increase in the number of listeners about the shower room. Some of the information you will get on books include

· The standard size of the shower room

· Ideas on the decoration and interior design of the washrooms

· Other accessories you may consider

· The health information on various bathroom types

You may opt to purchase the hard copy or the soft copy of the books. The softcopy (eBooks) offers flexibility since you store them in a tablet or a smartphone, you will have many books about the shower rooms in just a single gadget compared to hard copy books, which are cumbersome to handle.

You may be going for a vacation and decide to have various books on shower rooms to give you a wealth of information on the dos and don’ts for a shower room. Imagine carrying over seven books; it takes a lot of space and clutters your traveling bag as opposed to the soft copy version.

How then do you determine the best book to give you information on shower rooms? In case you opt for a soft copy version, get a brief history of the author from the internet, and read online reviews, it will give a broad perspective of the work of the author.

Podcasts, on the other hand, comes in handy for the digital market. They have a diverse audience in terms of readers since the platform (online tools) are integrated with various online media tools for easy sharing and dissemination of information.

Social media, for example, a follower can opt to upload the podcast or send a link on his Facebook wall, the ripple effect is sharing of the same to like-minded individuals, depending on the presentation and content of the information; within a short time, it becomes a viral post which translates to more subscriptions.

Podcasts and books are content marketing tools recognize by the Search Engines to help in high ranking because of the keyword concept (shower rooms for this case). A highly rank podcast receives more traffic to its sites and further an increase in the mailing list for subscriptions.

Authors publish books and podcasts for the mass market, good communication and relevance of the content makes the book famous and widely sought after since it becomes the talk in web platform and social media circles.

As an author, take advantage of the massive following to maintain the quality of the content and enjoy customer loyalty to increase your profits through increased conversion rates.

BEA #3 – Best Way to Leverage Podcasting

Tee Morris, co-author of Podcasting for Dummies, and Rob Simon, President of BurstMarketing, the company that is producing the official BEA 2006 podcast, provide an introduction to podcasting as well as ways authors, publishers and others in the industry should leverage podcasting for success.

BEA #2 – John Updike Speech

Due to the keen interest in John Updike‘s speech at the Saturday Book & Author Breakfast, we are releasing it as a separate podcast. Mr. Updike abandoned a speech about his new book, Terrorist, in favor of a passionate discussion of books and booksellers — whom he called “the citadels of light.” We will podcast the Book & Author Breakfast in its entirety including Barack Obama, Amy Sedaris, and Marie Arana later on.

BEA #1 – Opening Night Keynote with Tim Russert

Tim Russert, host of Meet the Press and author of Wisdom of our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons (Random House) welcome BEA to Washington DC and shares his insights on family life as well as the latest in Washington. With introductions by BEA Director Lance Fensterman and Random House Senior Editor Susan Mercandetti.