Why use podcast to explain routers?

Information is power, a developer who has designed a new woodworking tool – router – to aid in carpentry work needs customers to use the tool and appreciate his work. How will a woodworker in the African continent get to know the existence of his modern tool to aid in grooving of joints instead of doing it manually, which in most cases produces rough joints? This is possible, thanks to the digital technology.

Various digital solutions come in handy to help in dissemination of information. Some of the tools include messaging services, social media platforms, marketing automation, and podcasts. Podcasts are audiovisual applications, which allow you to record your voice on the use of the router for easy uptake. It is a radio over the internet. The internet has a vast of information on solutions to assist in creating awareness about the router. The recording has unlimited duration. You are not limited on airtime like the radio which you have to pay per second. With podcasts, you are at liberty to record series such that you can create an audio book to give all the details about a router.

A beginner in woodwork benefits from the content since it provides the step-by-step procedure in the acquisition, assemblage and the use of a router in woodwork. You can have case studies and real life testimonies in the operations of a router.

Why use a podcast to explain routers?

The power of authority

You have the power to dictate and impact knowledge to a listener compared to when they read the same content. You have the authority and be sure of uptake of the router among woodworkers as long as you use the right and simple language as well as have a clear voice in explanations.


The podcasts are downloaded on to storage device of your choice. They are compatible with most common file names and extensions as well as operating systems of most electronic devices. Unlike a radio show where you cannot rewind or forward a podcast gives you this option. You can always listen to it at your own time and discretion. In case a listener has not understood he can repast and pause as he uses the router practically.

Simple and efficient

Even a beginner in using a computer can record a podcast. All you need is a microphone, a computer and a reliable internet to upload it on the website.

Develop a renowned brand

Remember you are not just recording a single audio file, instead, you are recording a series in a router and all the details you may want the audience to know. Just like a book, you have chapters which are coherent. This makes you build a brand name in routers since the audience tend o have a strong connection between you and routers.

Podcasts are woodworkers’ top option in getting information on routers. In addition, the downloadable function adds value to the podcasts. This feature lets you or them an upper hand among other audio tools available both online and offline. You can carry the storage device and enjoy the educative content when traveling instead of playing a video game.